About Us

Monarch Bay Montessori Academy

32920 Pacific Coast Hwy Dana Point CA 92629


Mission Statement

Monarch Bay Montessori Academy is dedicated to providing an exceptional academic environment that nurtures a love of learning, promotes mutual respect, inspires creativity, and fosters the growth and development of the whole child from early childhood through the elementary years. 


Monarch Bay Montessori Academy teachers work as a team and have designed and implemented a vigorous  and effective educational program. 

The Heads of School are fully qualified and have over 30 years of experience in Montessori Education and School Administration. This is truly their life mission and they strive to prepare the best environment for their student's education.

Our Lead Teachers hold Montessori Credentials and have several years of experience teaching at their specific age level. Our Lead Teachers also serve as mentors and instructors for the Montessori Teacher Education Program on site. 

Our Assistants are working toward their Montessori Credential, have completed the academic portion of their Teacher Education Program, and are currently completing their Practicum year. 

Our faculty mantains memberships with related organizations, regularly attend seminars and conferences, and continue to look for opportunities for further education and professional development. 


Monarch Bay Montessori Academy is a custom built structure that provides the ideal setting for the education of children. Serving over one hundred students, the facility includes four fully-equipped classrooms as well as an outdoor teaching environment. The carefully designed playground provides ample opportunities for various types of gross motor activity, imaginative play and sports activities. 

License and Accreditation

The Early Childhood Program is fully licensed by the State of California Department of Social Services. The Elementary Program is registered with the State of California Department of Education with a Private School Affidavit. 

Monarch Bay Montessori Academy is an American Montessori Society Full Member School.

Monarch Bay Montessori Academy is governed by Educa, Inc.